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Handwritten Letters from Your Favorite Character

$12.00 - $35.00

In need of a letter from your favorite character? Look no further!

All letters written in American English! If I don't know the character, I will do research.

Card option: a Pokemon-style "trading card" of the character, including a blurb or quote! Commissioned art from a variety of artists.

Keychain/bracelet: This is the colors most associated with the character; so for example, Castiel from Supernatural would have dark blue, sky blue, and maybe some tan, with a charm that is a feather since he's an angel. Or Aizawa from My Hero Academia would have black, yellow, and probably some grey, with a charm of his goggles. Claude from Fire Emblem 3 Houses would be yellow and golds, with his crest as a charm.

In the personalization box, please include the following information:
- Character you want
- Type of letter (friendly, comfort, romantic, angst)
- Your preferred name and/or nickname(s)
- Your pronouns
- Extra details you think might help or backstory/plot you'd like
- Things to avoid, such as nicknames, adjectives (beautiful, handsome, etc)

**If you're getting the keychain addition** please indicate if you want a keychain or a bracelet; if bracelet, please list your wrist measurement.